Getting a message 'B01' not numeric when writing to oPaymentObj

Hi Forum,

When writing to o.oPaymentObj i am getting a message 'B01' not numeric, 'B01' is the WarehoseCode$, there is no Whse code to set in the oPaymentObj.

prior to that i do a write to o.oLines.nWrite() and i am not getting any errors.

The Sales Order get updated and i can bring it up but the credit card info doesn't.

We have 2 companies, it works fine in the "test" company but not in production.

The "test" company is a copy of the production company...

Any clues?

r = o.oPaymentObj.nWrite()
If r = 0 Then
MsgBox(o.sLastErrorMsg & vbCRLF & "SO #: " & SalesOrderNo)
end if

displays the error message.


Manuel Roman